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Marquesas Eclipse

Marquesas Eclipse
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It's the Journey that Counts

Riding a hot air balloon across an African plain. Sharing the aurora borealis in Iceland. Viewing a meteor shower or total eclipse with a prominent astronomer. Tugging on the bell-pull at Rudyard Kipling's home. "Steamboatin'" to a Grand Derby Ball on a Mississippi riverboat.  MWT Associates is both an explorer and an innovator of unique, adventure-filled journeys, committed to the worn tracks of master travelers while venturing those paths "less traveled by." Tours with Melitatrips are "such stuff as dreams are made".
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Pioneer of Astronomical Journeys

A pioneer in organizing astronomical voyages, Melita Wade Thorpe, Founder and President, has led stargazing excursions from Argentina to Zimbabwe. From meteor showers in Botswana to eclipses in the grand Chaco region of Paraguay, Thorpe attributes the success of the trips to the dedicated team of internationally recognized experts, such as Dr. Frank Drake, who conducted the first modern SETI experiment in 1960 and the late Jim Irwin, Apollo astronaut, and to the followers whose quest is to better understand the sky's awesomeness.

Deep Experience

Since 1984 Ms. Thorpe has traveled to Africa 17 times in search of the quintessential African experiences.  The love of the African veldt, the wildlife, the people, the cacophony of birdcalls, and the art have captured her heart and imagination from the first.  She has personally escorted groups to Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Okavango Delta, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  Her tours with Dr. Richard Leakey afforded the passengers to live and work on the excavation site, Koobi Foora, in Northern Kenya. 

Our Commitment to Preservation

Melitatrips is also committed to the preservation of the culture, history, and wildlife of the destinations of travel.  For each passenger traveling to Africa, Melitatrips donates to the Wildlife Conservancy and is committed to the Millennium Development Goals. Each tour taken by Melitatrips donates medical and school supplies and clothing to developing countries.

Travel Dreams Do Come True

We look forward to taking you to the destinations of your dreams with our special family of travelers.



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