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What Our Guests are Saying...

Iceland 2013

"I am back from our Iceland trip and now at work. I just want to let you all know that WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME. The tour was so well-organized and the food was GREAT!! Ran, Rocky and Julie were all very nice! This is our first stint going with a tour and the experience was really great. Thank you for providing such an enjoyable trip."  
S. Go

Australia - Total Eclipse November 2012

"What a fantastic journey!   We had a wonderful time in Australia. The itineraries and tours you selected were excellent."  
B. Bedell - Texas

"Congratulations on another great adventure and clear skies. It was a spectacular eclipse (aren’t they all?)."  
C. Lafferty - California

"Melita Thorpe did an outstanding job of choosing a site that offered not only breaks in the clouds, but a sparkling blue sky from start to finish."  
D. Levy - Arizona

"Eclipse arrangements were superb."  
G. Roundy - California

Hawaii - Transit of Venus June 2012

"What a wonderful memorable trip.  I am so pleased that I was able to be a part of it. Thank you for all the work that you and your team put into the success of the trip.  No matter how seamless you make it look,  I know that such success reflects hard work, attention to details, and the creativity and flexibility to tweak along the way."
K. Hazel - California

"The Hawaii Transit of Venus tour was Fantastic!  I enjoyed every minute."
L. Paul - Missouri

"I think this tour was very well organized. The program was excellent! I really enjoyed the week on The Big Island and I will certainly go on another tour with MWT Associates, Inc. "
I. Nessemo - Stockholm, Sweden

"Thank you for putting together a successful expedition staffed with good people and for partnering with good reputable organizations, like our hotel for one."
J. Gianforte - New Hampshire

March 2011
“I enjoyed the trip and would consider going again next year!!"
R. Adams - Borrego Springs, CA

March 2011
“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!”
“I was impressed with the professional level of the tour with the guests and lecturers. Also really loved getting to know Tunisia and seeing the happy people and meteorites!!”
S. Boyer - Morgan Hill, CA

March 2011
“Still think this was the best trip ever…Perfect group size”
B. Ceriale - Santa Barbara, CA

March 2011
“Loved it all - specially the markets…Really enjoyed the trip.”
S. Latham - Huson, MT

March 2011
“Couldn't have been better!...It was Fantastic!”
M. Norgrove - Ontario, Canada

March 2011
“Recommended trip to other, good value, fun, well orchestrated travelers needs always considered!”
J. Privitera and R. Sprague - Bantam, CT

July 2010
“A trip of lifetime. Our 15+ Eclipse we're hooked, Bora Bora was a jewel!”
G. & M. Prestigiacomo

July 2010
“Everything was great!”
B. Pollock - San Francisco, CA

July 2010
“Great Trip!”
S. and M. Burroughs - Tampa, FL

July 2010
“We had a great time and look forward to traveling with you again.”
S. Humphrey - Colfax, CA

July 2010
“Everything was great - we had a ball!!!”
D. and C. Moore - Willow Creek, CA

July 2010
“Great trip, great group!”
J. Golub - Los Altos, CA

July 2010
“What fun!”
M. Smithwick - San Jose, CA

January 2010
“Wonderful trip, unique experiences, good tour companions and leader. Every day was amazing. My third MWT tour. Excellent as always.
E. Filson - Largo, FL

January 2010
“We look forward to more travels with you!”
D. and J. Klemt - Regine, WI

January 2010
“LOVED our trip to Kenya - thank you!”
F. and L. Boecker - Riverside, CA

July 2009
“I could not say or think enough good things about our trip with you. It was wonderful, from beginning to end, fun, and extremely well organized. I was impressed by how you all made it look so easy. I think I have dreamed about the trip every night since we got back.”
S. Thompson - St. Martin, Netherlands, Antilles

July 2009
“Many thanks, Melita. What a wonderful time it was and what a great job you did with everyone on that trip!! Congratulations again.”
D. Eicher - Waukesha, WI

July 2009
“It was another wonderful adventure. Thanx so much to you and all your staff for all their hard work! It was another huge success. Plus, the extra work to help the kids feel welcomed was much appreciated.”
C. Lafferty - San Diego, CA

July 2009
“Thank you for yet another flawlessly executed trip. Tibet was unbelievable and made all the better with our escorts, Daniel and Julie, both fine people with eternally positive vibes.”
M. Schwartz - Nogales, AZ

July 2009
“Now that we have had time to rest up from our trip, I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff members who were on the tour for a wonderful time. My wife and I had such an interesting and informative experience that it almost eclipsed the eclipse. We were kept very busy but the trip was so well planned that we really appreciated the wide variety of experiences we were able to have in so short a time. Our whole perception of China has been changed for the better thanks to your staff and especially to the local guides due to their candidness. The hotels were great and the boat trip was a highlight. The boat was so well run, with a staff providing impeccable service, that it was a real luxury. The evening entertainment provided by the crew was of such a high standard that few, if any, professionals could have done a better performance. All in all, this was the best tour we have ever taken.”
J. & C. Pietruszkiewicz - Sydney, Australia

July 2009
“I want to thank you for a wonderful trip. You thought of everything especially your perfect choice of a location for viewing the eclipse. Your guides were so knowledgeable and helpful. Raymond was fabulous and seemingly tireless! All in all it was a vacation to remember for many years.
Thank you, thank you.”
A.G. Combs - Bainbridge Island, WA

August 2008
“We appreciate your work in putting this trip together, and hope to travel with you again sometime.”
S. and M. Burroughs - Tampa, FL

August 2008
“Overall - An awesome trip - Thank you!”
M. Condon - San Diego, CA

August 2008
“This was a perfectly planned guided trip. Thank you!”
“Amazing trip! We were well cared for with the MWT careful planning.”
J. Gray - McLean, VA

August 2008
Incredible experience…absolutely WONDERFUL!!”
P. Oberste - San Francisco, CA

August 2008
“The eclipse site was awesome.”
M. Weadock - Grand Rapids, MI

August 2008
“It was a great trip!”
A. and G. Fox - Fortuna, CA

August 2008
“Eclipse site was wonderful.”
H. Laidman - Woodland Hills, CA

August 2008
“A fabulous trip of a lifetime!”
T. Phillips - Albany, CA