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Dave Eicher, Editor Astronomy Magazine

Dave Eicher has been with Astronomy magazine for 24 years, beginning as an assistant editor and working through associate, senior, and managing positions. He has been the magazine's editor since 2002. Dave has spoken widely to amateur astronomy groups, logged hundreds of hours at the eyepiece, and written seven books on astronomical observing. Among the most used by amateur astronomers are The Universe from Your Backyard (Cambridge University Press), Deep-Sky Observing with Small Telescopes (Enslow), and Stars and Galaxies (Kalmbach Books).

A native of Oxford, Ohio, Dave grew up around Miami University, where his father was a professor of organic chemistry. Rather than turning to chemistry, however, Dave was attracted to the stars as a 14-year-old, when he spotted Saturn through a small telescope at a star party. Comet West really turned him on to observing, and Dave soon went far beyond to explore clusters, nebulae, and galaxies from his dark backyard - he soon was hooked on viewing deep-sky objects.

In 1977, Dave founded and began editing the magazine Deep Sky Monthly . Five years later, the publication moved with Dave to Milwaukee, turned quarterly, and was renamed Deep Sky , which was issued regularly until 1992. In addition to his book writing, Dave has written or edited hundreds of articles on all facets of astronomy, science and hobby. Several years ago, the International Astronomical Union named a minor planet, 3617 Eicher, for Dave in recognition of his service to astronomy.

Dave has appeared on CNN, CNN Headline News, WGN radio, National Public Radio, and other media outlets to promote the science and hobby of astronomy.

In his free time, Dave studies Civil War history; he has written eight books on the subject, most recently Dixie Betrayed (Little, Brown, 2006) and speaks at engagements in the south and east. He also studies ancient history, collects and studies minerals and meteorites, and enjoys comedies and dramas on the screen. He is an accomplished rock and jazz drummer and dabbles in guitar. Dave loves to travel and his favorite places are London, Rome, Greece, Egypt, and any sunny beach.

Dave lives near Big Bend in Waukesha Township, Wisconsin, with his wife, Lynda, son, Christopher, and cat, Callie. Another passion of his is the Green Bay Packers, and you certainly will be able to find him enjoying the cold of Lambeau Field whenever he can.