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Bob NaeyeRobert Naeye, Former Editor in Chief, Sky & Telescope

Robert Naeye is a former Editor in Chief of Sky & Telescope, the world’s most respected and influential popular astronomy magazine. Robert earned a master’s degree in science journalism from Boston University in 1992, and later worked on the editorial staffs of Discover and Astronomy magazine. He served as Editor in Chief of Mercury magazine (published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific) from 2000 to 2003. He worked as a Senior Editor at Sky & Telescope from 2003 to 2007, before moving to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to work as a Senior Science Writer for the Astrophysics Science Division. He returned to Sky & Telescope in June 2008 to serve as Editor in Chief.

Robert is the author of two books: Through the Eyes of Hubble: The Birth, Life, and Violent Death of Stars (Kalmbach, 1997) and Signals from Space: The Chandra X-ray Observatory (Turnstone, 2000). He has contributed to two other books, and has won several awards for his writing and outreach activities. He has traveled four times to Hawaii and has visited all the populated islands except for Lanai and Niihau. He has also served as an astronomy lecturer on tours to Chile, Iceland, China, Australia, Easter Island, Iran, and Libya.