A photo montage of Australian scenes
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Aboriginal Art. Wally Caruana. Excellent illustrated paperback introduction to all styles of Aboriginal art.

A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia. 2007. Thomas Keneally.

A Fortunate Life. Albert Facey. A popular autobiography of a battler; from bush orphanage to Gallipoli, through the Depression, and another war.

Archaelogy of the Dreamtime. Josephine Flood.

David Levy's Guide to Eclipses, Occultations and Transits. David Levy. 2010

Dreamkeepers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia. Harvey Arden.

Fatal Shores. The Epic of Australia's Founding. F. Robert Hughes.

Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love. 1999. Dava Sobel.

In a Sunburned Country. 2001. Bill Bryson.

Is Anyone Out There? 1992. Frank Drake and Dava Sobel.

King of the Cross. Mark Dapin. 2009. A walk on the wild side of King's Cross, Sydney based on the 'mafia' activity.

Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time. 1996. Dava Sobel.

Rock Art of the Dreamtime. Josephine Flood.

Sharing the Universe. Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life. Seth Shostak. 1998.

Teach Yourself Visually Astronomy. Richard Talcott. 2009

The Lost Children (Thirteen Australians taken from their Aboriginal families tell the struggle to find their natural parent.) Coral Edards and Peter Read, editors.

The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia's Founding. 1988. Robert Hughes

The History of Australia and New Zealand from 1606 - 1890. 2010. Alexander Sutherland.

The Planets. Dava Sobel. 2006.

The Thorn Birds. 1977. Colleen McCullough.

The Wines of Australia. Oliver Mayo. Good introduction to Australian wines and wine makers.

We of the Never Never. Jeannie Gunn.

You Wouldn't be Seen Dead for Quids. Robert B. Barratt. Fast and funny adventures of a brawny Queensland hic-turned-bouncer in Sydney's underworld.


AUSTRALIA. 2006 Set in northern Australia prior to WWII. In order to save her property, she and the stock-man drive 2,000 head of cattle over Australia's harsh landscape, experiencing the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese.

THE DISH. A 2000 Australian film that tells the story of how the Parkes Observatory was used to relay the live television of man's first steps on the moon, during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

NED KELLY. 2003. Story of the legendary bushranger of northeast Victoria. Heath Ledger and Orlando Boom lead the cast.

PRISCELLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT. 1994. Showgirls - two transvestites and one transsexual - from Sydney are tired of the life and head north in their van, Priscilla.


THE THORNBIRDS. (TV Miniseries). 1983.

Opera Australia: The Pirates of Penzance.

Opera Australia: Madama Butterfly