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France Reading List
Teach Yourself VISUALLY Astronomy (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) by Richard Talcott (Paperback - Dec 3, 2008)
In Search Of Planet Vulcan: The Ghost In Newton's Clockwork Universeby Richard Baum and William Sheehan (Paperback - Jul 3, 2003) A look at the celestial mechanics in France and the discovery of Neptune.
Passionate Minds: Emilie du Chatelet, Voltaire, and the Great Love Affair of the Enlightenment by David Bodanis (Paperback - Oct 2, 2007) The love affair between Voltaire and his mistress, the Marquise du Chatelet, who did a translation of Newton’s Principia into French.
Voltaire: The Age of Louis XIV and Other Selected Writings by J. H. Brumfit
A Tale of Two Cities: 150th Anniversary (Signet Classics) by Charles Dickens
Paris: A Century of Change, 1878-1978 by Norma Evenson
Madame Bovary: Life in a Country Town (Oxford World's Classics) by Gustave Flaubert, Mark Overstall, Terence Cave, and Gerard Hopkins (Paperback - May 28, 1998)
Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser. A biography.
A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. Memoirs of Hemingway’s time in Paris during the 1920’s.
Victor Hugo. Les Miserables by Charles E. Wilbour by Charles E. Wilbour. A classic tale of social oppression and human courage set in the era of Napoleon I. 
The Judgement of Paris: Manet, Meisonnier and An Artistic Revolution by Ross King.
Memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon, 1691-1709: Presented to the King by Duc de Saint-Simon and Lucy Norton. All the pomp and circumstance during the reign of the French king, Louis XIII.  Upon that king's death the era of the Sun King, Louis XIV began--a reign that lasted more than 30 years and was known for its opulence, corruption and debauchery.
Mars: The Lure of the Red Planet by William Sheehan and Stephen James O'Meara (Hardcover - April 2001)  Chapter 10 especially talks about “The Grand Lunette” and Antoniadi’s observations with the Meudon refractor.
Tropic of Cancer Semi-autobiographical story ofHenry Miller’s years in Paris.
Versailles: A Biography of a Palaceby Tony Spawforth (Hardcover - Oct 14, 2008)
The Man Who Flattened the Earth: Maupertuis and the Sciences in the Enlightenment by Mary Terrall (Paperback - Jun 15, 2006)
The Da Vinci Code (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition) Good scenes of the Louvre.
La Vie en Rose (Extended Version) – Passionate portrayal of France’s Edith Piaf from street urchin to diva.
Valmont– Life of the aristocracy in the 1700’s.  Great costumes and wigs. 1989 drama film directed by Miloš Forman, based on the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1782)
The Misanthrope and Tartuffe by Moliere and Richard Wilbur. Illustrated.
No Exit (Monarch notes and study guide) by Leslie Shepard (Paperback - 1965) The world of existentialism which permeated Paris in the 30’s and 40’s.