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Recommeded Iceland Reading List

Some suggested readings for both cultural and scientific travel to Iceland.

Arctic Chill: A Reykjavik Thriller. Arnaldur Indridason. 2010. Reminiscent of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander series.

Iceland and Its Manuscripts. Jonas Kristjansson. 1989

Iceland’s Bell. Halldor Laxness. 2003

Iceland: Land of Sagas. Jon Krakauer and David Roberts. 1998.

Iceland Saga. Magnus Magnusson. 1987. To know Icelanders one must first know the sagas.

Independent People. Halldor Laxness. 1946 reprint 1997. A masterpiece for which Laxness was awarded the Nobel Prize is filled with humor, pathos, satire, and cold weather. An older Icelander brings his new bride to his sod house along with his sheep.

Insight Guide Iceland. 2006. Easy to understand and wonderful suggestions for the traveler.

Jar City: A Reykjavik Thriller. Arnaldur Indridason. 2005. Fiction. More than a mystery, Jar City offers an insight to the Icelandic psychic and Iceland’s legendary past.

Njal’s Saga. Magnus Magnusson

Saga: A Novel of Medieval Iceland. Jeff Janoda. 2005. Excellent read for historical fiction.

Summer at Little Lava: A Season on the Edge of the World. Charles Fergus. 1997

Sun Storm. Asa Larsson, winner of Sweden’s Best First Crime Novel

Award and an international sensation. 2003. Sun Storm opens with a body of a murdered man on the church floor while. “The Aurora Borealis twists and turns like a dragon in the night sky. Stars and planets are compelled to give way to her, this great miracle of shimmering light…..” Although the setting is Sweden, Sun Storm offers good ingredients for a crime novel with added northern lights to the darkest time of year.

The Draining Lake. Arnaldur Indridason. 2008. 5th in the Reykjavik thriller series. A must for