Top Ten New Traveler Tips

  1. Prior to leaving home, call and reconfirm your airline or check the web site for flight arrival/departure information.
  2. Minimize carry-on luggage OR be prepared to have them searched and suspicious items confiscated (nail files, scissors/clippers, fruit knives or Swiss Army knives, etc.). Please make sure luggage is clearly tagged with your name and telephone contact information. If on a cruise, have your cruise line baggage tag attached.
  3. Make sure necessary medical items are with you rather than in checked luggage. Keep all items in their original packaging with labels.
  4. Necessary passport and other travel identification is up to date and on your person, not checked.
  5. Purchase trip/vacation interruption/cancellation insurance. It is worth the nominal investment.
  6. Lower the stress level of "getting to the airport or ship on time" by arranging a pre cruise package or allowing ample time to arrive at the appointed airport.
  7. Expect delays and longer lines--and be pleasantly surprised if they are not that bad.
  8. Be patient--once onboard your airplane, be cooperative and friendly with the airline staff.
  9. A friendly introduction to those sitting near you will make everyone feel more comfortable.
  10. Relax and enjoy your vacation.